April 17, 2012


I think its all fault of the dalit, because they have been struggling since thousand of years.... and still they use their od idea of protest,, i think we should speak same language as our counterpart speak....but still we speak in hindi...just think why it's not happen with muslims,sik, and any other communities because they speak the same language as spoken by the higher case hindu,,, just imagine what would have the reaction if its had happend with muslims,sikh,higher caste hindus, so please do't be mahatma or buddha, my dear dalit this is india, where you should not be very hopefull from the our govt,admins,judiciary and corrupted mediad because its all are under the control of the higher case hindus, who alwasy belive in inequlity and since thousand of years they have been kinling our great leaders,saints etc,,so be aware and be practical , be an ordinary person , and just react like an ordinary person do't think which is right or not,,,just get your justice at any ways and at any cost becasue everythings are fair in love and war,,,,so please react like an ordinary person....i know there are many problems would you have to face but there is no option,,,we know, if we take arms for justice this govt,admins,judiciary and specially media will describe us as naxalwadi....but don't think about them becasue untill the fellings of the carnage they will not understand our problems....so go for zihad....i think this is only one option we have.....jay mulnivasi......

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